Partnership Platform

Partner Value Proposition and Promise

StoneRidge Insurance Brokers seek to make investments by acquiring 50% to 100% of insurance brokerages that have a passion for sales and growth and maximizing profitability.  We value the legacy and history of insurance brokerages that were built through strong entrepreneurial values and the hard work of owner operators, management teams and dedicated passionate staff.

We are an independent insurance brokerage and MGA/MGU with an adjusting firm partner, providing a full suite of insurance services.  StoneRidge has no equity or debt capital from any insurance carrier providing maximum flexibility and ability to best serve clients.  Our partners are fully integrated and use our services to their full potential to focus on future growth of sales and profitability.  We have a disciplined culture and have a passion for organic growth, profitability (before CPC) and strong underwriting results.  We support your continued success as an independent brokerage.

Contact Information
Trevor Cruise
[email protected]

Increased Shareholder Value to our Partners

More Leverage with Markets

  • Partnership creates more negotiating power with Markets
  • Combined volume with major markets is material
  • StoneRidge has custom CPC deals with certain markets

Head Office Support

  • StoneRidge works with its partners to transition over the back office functions so our partners can focus on growth
  • StoneRidge provides weekly and monthly financial and KPI reporting
  • Typically see 25-50% cost savings on the back office
  • Support with digital initiatives

Commercial Support

  • Our partners benefit from our commercial expertise and inhouse MGA and access to specialty programs
  • StoneRidge can assist in commercial producer recruiting to drive further growth

Improved Profitability & Cash Flow

  • Partners benefit from both revenue and cost synergies
  • Drive organic revenue growth as they are able to move focus from admin to sales
  • Drive CPC growth when placing business with markets who have favourable compensation deals
  • Save on admin and back office costs