Life, Health & Wealth

Protecting your most important asset: you.

Protecting your Life, Health & Wealth

Protecting yourself, your health, and your investments is of the upmost importance. We are here to help ensure you have the appropriate coverage, at the most competitive premium. Our team of experts can give you the advice you need, and with access to the top insurance carriers in Canada, we can make sure you have the right coverage at the right price. We are committed to protecting your most valuable asset, you!

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Personal Life Insurance

We are an independent brokerage which provides best-in class life insurance policies. We assist you in providing your family with financial security in the event of your death.

Ill-advised estate planning could result in economic hardship, limited income and financial struggles. At StoneRidge Insurance Brokers we offer secure, guaranteed and affordable solutions to protect your family’s financial well-being. Tax-free cash benefits enable you to:


Pay off mortgage & other debts


Pay for final expenses & funeral costs


Replace income


Set up an emergency fund


Fund children’s education


Create a charitable legacy

We build our relationships on integrity, client satisfaction and customized insurance solutions.

Travel Insurance

Maximize your wanderlust with stress-free travel

Unlike a trip or travel itinerary, medical emergencies are never planned. That’s why we offer travel insurance that suits the needs of all travellers. Whether you are studying abroad, visiting loves ones in Canada, or venturing outside of the country or province- we’ve got a plan that is right for you and your loved ones.

We’ve got you covered, no matter where you go!

Health Benefits

We offer a number of health-related insurance products, including employee benefits, critical illness coverage, and disability insurance. More information is available below.

Employee benefits are an integral part of any business in recruiting and retaining valued employees. The employee benefits marketplace is constantly evolving and provides numerous options in order to tailor the program to meet each client’s needs.

As your independent broker and your advocate, we can help with:

  • Creating cost-effective and sustainable benefit plan designs
  • Negotiating on your behalf and competitively marketing your benefit plan
  • Understanding market trends and changing market conditions and its impact on your benefit plan
  • Strategies for cost-effective Group Retirement plan designs
  • Employee Educational sessions for Financial Planning

Whether you are self-employed, retired or simply not covered by a group health plan – you are not alone. We can help limit your medical costs.


You may survive a critical illness, but will you recover from the financial burdens? Critical Illness insurance provides freedom to recover on your terms without the financial burdens of bills and debts to stress you out. In the event that you become seriously ill, medical treatment and costs can add up very quickly. If diagnosed with one of the defined conditions which qualify, critical illness insurance provides a lump sum cash benefit to spend however you wish. Critical Illness plans can be simple and affordable to help with the following:

  • Pay off medical expenses
  • Pay off debts or household bills
  • Replace income
  • Pay for travel expenses for medical treatment
  • Family recovery support expenditures

Protect your “biggest” asset… Your income!

StoneRidge Insurance Brokers is an independent brokerage which accesses over 20 Ontario life insurance carriers to provide our clients with the best tailored solution for disability coverage at the most affordable rate possible.

We all believe an injury or illness will never happen to us. Yet we all know someone personally who has experienced an unexpected accident or illness which prevented them from working and earning an income. Are you prepared if a temporary or long-term loss of income occurred?

Disability policies pay monthly benefits to replace your income if you become disabled. This insurance allows you to focus on recovery instead of financial burdens & stress. Customized disability plans and guaranteed premiums provide the coverage you require.

Reasons to consider disability insurance:

  • WSIB only covers you on-the-job
  • Employment Insurance is only for short-term disability coverage not long-term coverage
  • You are self-employed and require coverage in the event of income loss due to injury or illness

Investment, Estate & Retirement Planning


Am I saving enough for my children’s education?


How can I minimize my investment risk and maximize my investment return?


How much income will I need to retire?


Will I outlive my savings?


How much does long term care cost and who pays for it?

If you have ever asked yourself one of the above questions and seek answers, give one of our professionals a call to meet for a complimentary financial assessment. Our Financial Planning Professionals can assist you in creating a Financial Road Map to guide you in a achieving your financial goals for tomorrow by planning today.

With our knowledge, experience and disciplined approach we can provide tailored solutions using product allocation and diversification.


Registered Retirement Savings Plans


Pension Plans




Wealth Transfer Plans


Succession Planning


Segregated Funds


Guaranteed for Life Income Plans