We know navigating the insurance industry isn’t always easy. However, with the help of our team of experts committed to top quality service, we can make your experience a little bit easier. As a privately owned brokerage, we possess certain benefits that separate us from the competition. We have the connections, knowledge, and capabilities to ensure you receive Rock Solid Protection. Here are a few unique benefits that come with choosing an independent, privately owned brokerage such as StoneRidge.

  1.  We are your one-stop shop: By offering various coverage plans from home, automobile, commercial, tenant, and life/health insurance —  independent brokerages can meet all of your coverage needs. That way, you can have the convenience of having all your policies managed by one place and limit any hassle or confusion.
  2. Choice: Independent brokerages work with multiple insurance companies, which gives you a great selection of options in terms of your coverage and rates.
  3. Licensed experts: Your broker will commit to helping you navigate the complexity of the insurance industry. For example, explaining and clarifying any questions or concerns you may have. Your broker’s expertise and attention to detail can ensure you have the appropriate coverage from the right company.
  4. Personalized, quality service: If you ever have a concern regarding a claim or billing, an independent broker can be your advocate, and speak to insurance companies on your behalf. They’ll also dedicate the time to meet face to face, and listen to your needs. That way, they can build a tailored solution, that provides you with the best rate and service out there!
  5. Community-based: Local insurance brokers are often familiar with their surrounding areas, and are aware of the benefits and challenges within the community. Therefore, they have a mutual interest that connects the customer and client beyond just business. You can also feel good knowing they are supporting your community, as local brokerages will typically give back through planning fun events, charity work, sponsorships, etc.

If you are interested in obtaining a personal or commercial insurance quote, contact us today 800-668-1653 or visit https://stoneridgeinsurance.ca/get-a-quote.

We’ve got you covered, and we guarantee Rock Solid Protection.